The HRM believe that people change best through activities and experiences.  The HRM will help facilitate Personal Growth and to Co-Create a Better World by " Funding Fulfillment Endeavors and Experiences for Humane Growth".  Our vision is to sponsor all inclusive recreation, sports, health/fitness and music programs, projects and events in communities all over the world that will bring people together to foster Community- "Common Unity" with the ultimate goal of enhancing Personal Growth to co-Create a Better World.  The HRM's sole purpose is to raise funds to facilitate sports, recreation, health/fitness, music and spiritual endeavors for Humane Growth.  We want to sponsor endeavors in line with our values in communities all over the World simply for the sake of Rec-reation is Re-creation. The definition of Rec-reation is," Refreshment of one's mind or body after work through activity that amuses or stimulates" and "refreshment of strength and spirits after work".  The definition of Re-creation is, " the act of creating anew".  The definition of a Mantra is, a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are considered capable of "creating transformation"- spiritual transformation.

The HRM has a model of doing business that is cooperative economics.  Within our Community everyone that participates in a project or program can earn redeemable points and share in the success of a project or program. No one in the HRM gets a salary.  We are all about, "the salvation is in the work", which leads to Personal Growth.  We reward effort with points that are redeemable with our referral partners and/or redeemed for cash when you work under services rendered.  All members of our Community is expected to volunteer to help make the projects and programs successful. Thus we are a non profit organization because our staff is mostly volunteers. We are building a Community which means " common unity".  We are all in this together and we will share in the rewards- the fruits of our labor together.
We have commoditized our mantra by offering mantra products to sell as our fundraiser; tee-shirts, wall plaques, bumper stickers and decals.  The HRM offers entrepreneurship, leadership and community building opportunities as the pathway to Personal Growth.
The HRM depends on our member community to raise funds by selling and buying our mantra products.  We allow private labeling by sports entities and want owners of businesses that are in sports, recreation, health/fitness and spiritual endeavors to purchase mantra products.  Our goal is to have a non competitive mantra that everyone can participate with and we are all singing the same song- Rec-reation is Re-creation TM .  Thus we are changing people and we are co-Creating a Better World.  We want people to purchase our mantra products for the sake of funding the Humane Renaissance Movement.  We want the HRM community to use their talents and connections to help the HRM create a revenue stream.  You may have a talent for grant writing or writing sponsorship letters.  Your family member may be the Head of Marketing for a Sport Apparel company like Nike, Addias or Reebok and can get us a private labeling deal.  Because we have a non competitive mantra, which means the HRM wants everyone to use it, we are creating UNITY amongst the masses.
Please join us and support us in providing " a positive refreshment throughout the World- called Rec-reation which leads to Re-creation".  The HRM exist only for the sake of providing sports, recreation, health/fitness, music and spiritual endeavors to the world for the sole purpose of enhancing Personal Growth to co-Create a Better World.

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