Programs and Projects
The HRM has a centralized operations with the intent to have a Global footprint doing programs and projects all over the World.  The key is the participation from YOU.  You become a member and they you suggest, plan, coordinate and facilitate your project or program in your community.  The HRM will have a hierarchy of member/staff that will be Project/Program Advisors and Coordinators.  The PA and the PC will help you with your project/program.  Each level of the team will receive a share in the rewards of a successful project/ program.  Majority of any revenue generated from any project/program goes into the "community bank" to be used by others to enjoy " Funding Fulfillment Endeavors and Experiences for Humane Growth" and " A Kind Heart with Helping Hands".  The HRM core goal is to raise money in order to eliminate the barrier of entry which for so many is "financial" and is keeping them from Fulfillment Endeavors and Experiences for Humane Growth.
The HRM will do projects that are in line with our visions and goals.

Building a Community- Common Unity
Living the Golden Rule- Treat People The Way You Want People To Treat You
Love Your Body
A Kind Heart With Helping Hands
Funding Fulfillment Endeavors and Experiences for Humane Growth

The HRM members have completed these programs/projects in their communities.  All HRM projects/programs can be replicated and duplicated in other communities around the World.
The HRM GREEN TEAM-   We get contracts and put people to work.  This is our " A Kind Heart With Helping Hands" endeavor.  We have contacted the Opportunity Center and Homeless Coalition in our community to do outreach to get people that want to change their lives.  We have orientation meetings to provide our values/goals/vision with them.  The HRM is not the employer, we are the referral organization and the HRM GREEN TEAM is paid by the business offering the contract.  The HRM goal is to change their lives if only for one day by finding them money and to provide listening and mentoring with them.  We provide the Green Initiative documentation and we provide 85 % diversion rate.  The HRM GREEN TEAM work with a contract to pay an hourly wage and we keep the redeemable recycling items to cash in for revenue that we use to pay the overhead for the project/program and to split between The HRM GREEN TEAM and the HRM organization.  The HRM's GREEN TEAM have partnered with Green Zone Productions to fulfill recycling contracts.
2009 San Francisco, Ca- The New Living Expo  - 3 members of The HRM GREEN TEAM worked this 3 day festival.
2010 San Francisco, Ca- The New Living Expo  - 10 members of the HRM GREEN TEAM worked this 3 day festival.
2011 San Francisco, Ca- The San Francisco Carnival- 18 members of the HRM GREEN TEAM worked this 2 day festival.
We are planning these projects-  Community Fun Runs- Common Unity in these communities; East Palo Alto, East San Jose, Berkeley, San Francisco Bay view-Hunter Point, Vallejo, Richmond and Oakland.  Our goals is to have activities in these community by the summer of 2012.
The Fresh Fish Crew- The HRM takes people fishing while listening and mentoring them.   Then we break bread (eat together) to bring the community together with the Churches and Community members to focus on problems solving, goal setting and to bring fun to these communities which will build positive trust and relationships.

The Strong Minds and Good Hearts- Tutoring and mentoring young people and young adults.  We will use our Community Fun Runs and other activities as a gateway to do our outreach in the communities.  The HRM will collaborate with other community agencies to provide resources to those looking for help.  The HRM will partner with organizations like to provide resources to those seeking them. 
The HRM will provide Music presentations as Benefit Concerts to provide a revenue stream to support our projects and programs.  Our saying is "This Music will make you Stronger. This Music will make you Wiser".

Our first Music presentation will be June 16, 2011 at the San Jose Music in the Park.  Our featured artist is Tchiya Amet, 

You can check our Events link at our Rec-reation is Re-creation website at the last page of this website.

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