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  • The Humane Renaissance Movement,  is conducting this global outreach project and will coordinate with the American Association of Blood Bank  ( an International Organization of Blood Banks) our results.  Please note that all Blood Banks work together to satisfy the supply and demand of the blood supply to help all humanity.  Our project will work with every local blood bank that we receive a new or lapsed donor in their service area.  Our goal is threefold:  To sign up new and lapsed blood donors to increase the global blood supply to the Blood Bank system.  To educate the world of  Dr. Charles Drew’s accomplishments in the medical field and thus encouraging other minorities to pursue careers in the medical and technology fields.  To give proof positive of the contributions of African-Americans to the WORLD with the HOPE that the WORLD will be more LOVING, COOPERATIVE and SINCERE in fostering LOVE for ALL HUMANITY.

  • This is a simply project that will help save lives immediately.  If you or a love one ever needed blood, someone had donated for you their blood.  If you would like to help others and truly be altruistic, giving blood is the way.  You are giving something  important and needed to someone you may never know for no other reason than to help that person.  We just celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King and many of you may not be aware of his position on being altruistic.  MLK stated, ” Every man (woman) must decide whether he (she) will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the destructive selfishness.  This is the judgement life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others”

  • Looking for new or lapse blood donors. If you are a current blood donor and want to show your appreciation to Dr. Charles Drew sign up also. Please network , become the town crier, create groups or become a single act of kindness and response to this “call to action” and let us all see how much love for all of humanity we can collectively generate with a simple act of making a pledge to be a blood donor when called upon in the very near future by your local blood bank. Please use our outreach project to register your compassion for helping humanity. The Humane Renaissance Movement will track all input and will provide information about which; country,state,race,age group, university, profession,church or people that contributes to this project for world recognition for your efforts. Please do not contact your local blood bank directly as a result of this outreach project. The HRM will not be able to track the success of this outreach project that way. Once you sign up with this outreach project, your local blood bank will contact you ASAP. The HRM promise that your contact information will only be used for this endeavor and given to one blood bank in your local area based on your zip code or personal preference. Make it.     Just leave your contact information at our contact us page and the HRM will follow up with you.  Also let us know if you are doing an Outreach project to get Blood donations in your community and the HRM will list your activity on this webpage.

  • New developments in the field of HIV screening tools now give a greater opportunity for some communities to take part in the blood donation process. Please note that if you were deferred for travel to parts of Africa or because you lived in parts of Africa, you may now be able to donate blood. In Sept 2009 the U.S. FDA announced approval of the Abbott Prism HIV O Plus Assay as a screening tool designed to detect the presence of certain antibodies to HIV. The screening tool will help with the detection of the HIV type 2 found in parts of Africa as well as the types found in the U.S. and Europe.  Please do not use the community blood donation process for only checking your health status about HIV.  The Blood Bank organizations are mostly non-profit and can not afford the cost of just screening blood because of lifestyle.  Lifestyle questions are used to create deferrals for a good reason.  Please if you know your lifestyle predisposes you to HIV do not give for the community.  As with deferrals from travel to Malaria risk areas and other deferrals, you can still give blood but ask for it to be used for research. To give blood for research, will help the community blood supply because now some of the community donated blood is used for research. Research is vital and needs to be ongoing. Please note that all deferral policies will be in place and a person must be over 17 years old to donate or 16 years old with a parents consent form. 

To learn more about the life and accomplishments of Dr. Charles Drew and others please go tohttp://www.blackinventor.com/pages/charlesdrew.html

Thank you,

The Humane Renaissance Movement-

Executive Director, Craig Anthony Bright- aka. Brother Bright peopleunited 
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